Gastronomical San Juan – Geifsis Greek Grill

Geifsis greek grill, it is a greek inspired restobar located in San Juan, La Union and opened its doors last 2013. They serve authentic greek food with the perfect view of the beach. The place is greek themed as well, even the servers are dressed like the greeks.


This place is the first stop of our gastronomical adventure in San Juan, I have to say as soon as I arrived here I was already impressed by the ambiance. I ordered their Pork Ribs, P300 and Alex ordered their Chicken Kebab, P220 (i think). Yup, the food is quite pricey but if you are into Greek flavors the price is definitely worth it.


The place


The food

So for those who like to experience the taste of Greece, come and visit Geifsis Greek Grill, It will be worth the price.

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Gastronomical San Juan – El Union Coffee

El Union Coffee is a coffee place in San Juan, La Union, they offer their own blend of coffee and comfort food at its finest. Open from 7 a.m to 10 pm, you can smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from a far.

Their coffee is perfect for a surfer’s morning routine before hitting the waves at the beach. Their menu offers caffeine and non caffeine drinks with a couple of deserts to come with it. img_0123

Since I don’t love coffee as much as my companion, I ordered the Horchata, which is simply rice milk with vanilla, almond and cinnamon.We also ordered their grilled cheese and their indoor smores. The food was just incredible, perfect comfort food, with the cheese stretching  out with every bite and the marshmallow just melting in your mouth. LOL! #foodporn.


yup, #foodporn

Looking for a chill spot after a long day at the beach? This is the perfect place for you!

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Gastronomical San Juan – Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam, a hostel and food place at one end of the beach. It is a family owned hostel that serves as a chill spot for all kinds of tourists. It offers accommodation and a kitchen bar that is open for all. The place is heavily decorated with random colorful objects giving off a hippie vibe to the place.IMG_0318.JPG

The moment I stepped in to the place, it gave off a very relaxing ambiance. The place offered good music as well as good food. You can choose to eat at the kitchen bar seats, or chill on an open bed or even better, sit on bean bags on the sandy beachfront.

The place offered Macai bowls, cold drinks and many more. We ordered a macai bowl and fruit shakes and decided to sit on the bean bags while talking with each other, listening to music and staring at the beach. The food is quite pricey but the ambiance paid it all off.IMG_0282.JPG

Would definitely come back again, hopefully we would be able to book a room before it’s all sold out.

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Gastronomical San Juan – Choka

Finally, the last food joint we visited, CHOKA, it is one of the newest food joint in San Juan. It is an American themed food spot, that serves the all american comfort food, from ribs to fries, from hot wings to burgers, they have it all. So if you’re craving for American comfort food that’s flavorful and come in massive servings, this is the place to go.

Well, we were supposed to go to Surf Shack but the place is still closed, so we headed to Choka instead. What captured my attention aside from the food are the paintings on the wall, although I’m not an artsy kind of person, I was impressed with this simple paintings.

We ordered buffalo wings, ribs and cheese fries, also ordered drinks, lemon cucumber juice and brewed coffee, when the food came we were shocked with the amount of serving that was on the plate, it was huge. LOL! Flavors were great, super worth it. After all that food, I was super full, satisfied and ready to go.img_0451

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Bonding at San Juan and Tangadan Falls

Almost all my relatives from Guam came home for a vacation and since I’ve been to Tangadan Falls before they also wanted to see the famous falls in San Gabriel, La Union.

It was an early trip from Baguio City, Everybody wanted to go swimming so we headed to San Juan, La Union. My cousins and I wanted something more exciting and fun so we decided to leave the extremes of age (the kids and the elderly, LOL!) at the beach while the energetic bunch headed for the falls.

Unlike my first hike to the falls, it was the rainy season these time so the trail was more challenging. We would find ourselves submerged in water for almost half of the hike due to the weather condition a few days back. Although it was quite a long and tiring hike, everyone enjoyed each others company, helping each other cross rivers against strong currents.

After hours of walking we finally reached the famous Tangadan Falls, the water was not as clean as the first time I was here but the view was still as mesmerizing as before. My cousins, seeing it for the first time, were in awe and loved the one of a kind view.


with the girls

We took pictures together and took a quick break before deciding to go swimming. We all rented life vests because most of us doesn’t know how to swim. LOL! we swam around and decided to hire a bamboo raft to go under the falls. We enjoyed a few hours just floating around the water.


And under the falls we go

After some time we decided to go back to San Juan where the others stayed. There, we ate lunch, got on the beach and bonded with everyone else.

Here is a video from our trip:

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