Gastronomical San Juan – At the Beach!

Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, the surfing capital of the Northern Philippines. It is known for its quality waves suitable for surfing as well as swimming. For non-surfers Urbiztondo is also known for its food strip and night life.

It was weekend so I went to San Juan with my bestfriend/ “kambal”, Alex, and my boyfriend, Prince. San Juan is a 1 1/2 to 2 hour- drive away from Baguio via bus. It was a weekend  so almost all the resort were fully booked, good thing we found this place called “The Little Surfmaid Resort”, It is quite a decent beach front hotel in Urbiztondo. Their single room with balcony is priced at P2900, it has 2 couches, a bed, a cable TV, a cabinet, a fridge, and a balcony.


The resort

The main attraction is the beach, we walked around from one place to the other and took pictures, of course. The wind was calming and the view was spectacular despite the scorching heat from the sun.


Walking around

After walking around, we just had to see the sunset, before heading back to the resort and changing into our swim suits.


with love

With all the stress at work, this place would really give you the break you’ve been longing for. It’s  a place that would remind you to have fun and enjoy life.

Of course aside from the beach, food is one reason for this trip, So the lakwatsa continues..

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Beachin’ Around La Union

La Union has always been popular because of its resorts and beaches. We decided to go with friends, it was originally the 6 of us but only 4 made it because the other 2 had classes at that time.

We left Baguio early in the morning and arrived in La Union after more than an hour of driving. We were suppose to go to this one resort but it was closed, so we transferred to another. As soon as we fixed our stuff we went swimming at the pool. The whole time we were swimming around.


with boyfriend selfie


at the beach


with awesome friends

We waited for the sun to set to take good pictures, and we ended up jumping around to take the perfect shot. LOL! here are the photos we got:


jump shot


arte lang!

After a lot of swimming and chatting at the pool, we decided to leave the resort and look for a place to eat since everyone is hungry. Almost all the restaurants are closed at that time but “Kubong Sawali” is still open so we decided to eat there.


before we eat selfie

Went ahead to my friend’s place since he leaves in San Fernando, La Union, spent the night there. The next morning we had breakfast and headed back to Baguio via Naguilian Rd. Since we would be passing through a chinese temple we decided to visit it as well.


What a view

Then it was time to go home, ’til the next lakwatsa! 😀

Morning Seven, Luna, La Union

Just finished my board exam and my sibling’s vacation just started so we had our family vacation at Luna, La Union. After seeing a couple of resorts in the internet, we decided to go to this resort because of it’s uniqueness. Entrance fee of P100 for adults and P50 for children.

It was an early morning drive, i think we left at 5am and arrived at Luna, La Union after almost 3 hours of travel. We headed to town to buy food and stuff. On our way we stopped to visit “Our Lady of Namacpacan”, prayed and went ahead to buy supplies. Since we were near Barangay Victoria, we decided to visit Luna’s Baluarte or watch tower.


Ruins of the watch tower

It was quite a good view, I was very amazed with it’s structure since it has a very thick wall.


inside the tower


with boyfriend<3

We then headed to the resort itself and started swimming as soon as we reached the place. It was an eat and swim kind of day.


Morning seven pool

Also, we walked on the rocky beach, it was a very clean, you can actually see through the water. Although tourists were not allowed to go swimming because it was high tide and the waves were strong that day.




watching the waves


my dad walking around

Again it was an awesome day with the family, ’til the next lakwatsa 😀

Pugo Adventure Again..

Yep! visited the place again, for those who already visited the place you guys know it is worth coming back for.

Here is the link for the first post about PUGAD!

Since I already blogged about the place let’s just have some few updates on the place.


Hiding from the sun

We went to PUGAD because some of my cousin’s are home from Guam, finally! We were there early and started doing stuff early. The mini zoo was now a big zoo. LOL! This time we took a picture with the big snake, this snake could only be carried by a group so the administration doesn’t allow individual photos.


One heavy snake!

Also, there is a new area, the area for little kids. It has a play area with slides and stuff but since we are kids at heart we went and took pictures there.


crossing the bridge


Kid’s at heart especially when we’re together

swimming was the main activity this time. Runnning from one pool to the other just like we did when we were still little kids.


The original Gang

That’s all, I’m really thankful for this guys cause it’s always a good time when i’m with them 😀 ’til the next lakwatsa 🙂

Pugo Adventure

It was the birthday of my nephew so the family decided to head to Pugo Adventure (PUGAD) to celebrate. PUGAD is located in Sito Pagaling, Barangay Palina, Pugo, La union. An outdoor adventure and resort with a mini zoo type of place. It is 45 minute drive away from Baguio City through Marcos, Highway. It is definitely a place for family celebrations. Entrance fee is 150 for adults and 100 for kids **prices are subject to change** and the place is open from 8am to 7pm.

So we left Baguio at around 7am and reached the place at 7:45 am. Unloaded our food and bags and waited in line. When we arrived there were already a couple of groups lined up at the entrance.


waiting at the entrance

As you enter the place you will immediately see a restaurant, don’t know about the food and prices though, also you will see pools and cross hanging bridges to your villa or hut.


2-storey hut we rented

Before we decided to swim, we decided to roam around the area first and explore.


rock mountain near the river




mini playground for the kids

then eventually we reached the mini zoo, the zoo had a couple of animals including a snake named cheesecake, parrots, birds, chickens, spiders, fishes, peacocks, a small alligator and more. You can take picture with some of the animals and I decided to go with the snake. LOL


with cheesecake

After sometime we headed to the zip lines, there are actually three but we opted to try just one. I chose to do the highest and the longest zipline in a superman position. LOL! It was very terrifying when i reached the starting point of the zipline, with all the straps on my body and my head was facing the ground. It was quite a view from the top, then the person in charge told me that he would let go of me in 3 counts, and just like that I went flying across the fields. I was in a heart racing scare but at the same time amusement.


Posing, coz it’s finally over

and of course, swimming.


with the boys



just chillin’

and then were off back to Baguio City after one fun day


Before going home with the gang


and that’s how the day went, until the next lakwatsa 😀