Ze Creamery in Baguio

It was my brother’s birthday so we decided to try this new place called “Ze Creamery”. It is located in Bukaneg St. Legarda Road, Baguio City. The place is quite different to find but it is worth the try. What caught my attention when I heard about this place is their gigantic servings! The main reason why we actually wanted to try the place.

The first thing that came to mind as I entered the restaurant was the lack of space. The place is small and a bit crowded for a small number of customers, walk way was also a problem. Although besides the space everything was on point, the food, the service, and the price.

We ordered their best sellers, their Monster Burger (P328), Pizza Pullover (P288), Sriracha wings (P180), Fries (P108), and Monster Mugs (P250-P280).


I enjoyed their fries, it has a flavorful powder on it. I can’t pinpoint the exact flavor but it tastes like a sweet bbq/ sour cream powder.


Their Monster Burger is made of Half a kilo of pure beef patty, melted cheese and caramelized onions in an 8-inch thick bun, with fries on the side.


Their Sriracha Wings, one of the best wings I have ever tasted in town. It just feels like an explosion on your taste buds.


The Monster Mugs, they have quite a selection of flavors and all of them are gigantic plus it will definitely give you a sugar rush. The presentation is great definitely social media worthy.img_0577


The Pizza pullover is also delicious it is more on the tomato sauce flavored side, it come with vegetables and potato chips plus salsa sauce, I guess.


Ready to chow!

Over all the place is awesome for food lovers out there despite the lack in space. The food is definitely worth the price and you will definitely leave the place with a satisfied and full stomach.

That’s all for this blog, ’til the next lakwatsa…


Bonding at San Juan and Tangadan Falls

Almost all my relatives from Guam came home for a vacation and since I’ve been to Tangadan Falls before they also wanted to see the famous falls in San Gabriel, La Union.

It was an early trip from Baguio City, Everybody wanted to go swimming so we headed to San Juan, La Union. My cousins and I wanted something more exciting and fun so we decided to leave the extremes of age (the kids and the elderly, LOL!) at the beach while the energetic bunch headed for the falls.

Unlike my first hike to the falls, it was the rainy season these time so the trail was more challenging. We would find ourselves submerged in water for almost half of the hike due to the weather condition a few days back. Although it was quite a long and tiring hike, everyone enjoyed each others company, helping each other cross rivers against strong currents.

After hours of walking we finally reached the famous Tangadan Falls, the water was not as clean as the first time I was here but the view was still as mesmerizing as before. My cousins, seeing it for the first time, were in awe and loved the one of a kind view.


with the girls

We took pictures together and took a quick break before deciding to go swimming. We all rented life vests because most of us doesn’t know how to swim. LOL! we swam around and decided to hire a bamboo raft to go under the falls. We enjoyed a few hours just floating around the water.


And under the falls we go

After some time we decided to go back to San Juan where the others stayed. There, we ate lunch, got on the beach and bonded with everyone else.

Here is a video from our trip:

‘Til the next lakwatsa!

Back in Time: Trip to Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Christmas vacation is almost over so the family decided to have our last hoorah at Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Vigan is a fourth class city located at the western coast of the Philippines. The Chinese used to call the place “Bee Gan” which mean beautiful shore, the Spaniards during that time interchanged the”b” and “v” sounds thus calling the place “Vigan”. Vigan is place full of history and is known for having a couple of old buildings around it.

At around 12 am we left Baguio through Naguilian Road. It was a smooth ride, no traffic, no trucks and whatsoever. After more than 4 hours we arrived at Candon City, we decided to stop at the town proper and rest for a while.


Candon Cathedral


buying pasalubong


the sister

of course we took some pictures and decided to continue with our trip, after an hour we arrived at the town proper of Vigan, it was almost 5 am and it was drizzling so we went to McDonald’s to have our early breakfast.


Vigan! finally


at McDonald’s

After breakfast we went to visit Vigan’s cathedral and said our prayer and of course our wishes since it is our first time visiting the church.



the cathedral

and our lakwatsa continues…

Read more on our Ilocos Sur trip:

Basilica of Our Lady of Charity at Night

We went to visit our grandparents at Sto. Tomas, La Union. On our way home we passed through Agoo, La Union and found this beauty.

The basilica of our lady of charity also known as Agoo basilica is found just in front of Agoo’s municipal hall. The original church was actually destroyed by a couple of earthquakes which paved the way for demolition and reconstruction of a new church which is the one standing at present day.

We decided to stop on our way to Baguio just to take pictures of the church. It was very eye catching because of its lights. At first I was only taking pictures near it, but since we were unable to capture the whole basilica we crossed the street for a better view.

Here are the photos:




at its entrance


favorite pic! photo overlay 😀

After taking pictures, we continued with our trip back to Baguio

’til the next lakwatsa 😀

Beachin’ Around La Union

La Union has always been popular because of its resorts and beaches. We decided to go with friends, it was originally the 6 of us but only 4 made it because the other 2 had classes at that time.

We left Baguio early in the morning and arrived in La Union after more than an hour of driving. We were suppose to go to this one resort but it was closed, so we transferred to another. As soon as we fixed our stuff we went swimming at the pool. The whole time we were swimming around.


with boyfriend selfie


at the beach


with awesome friends

We waited for the sun to set to take good pictures, and we ended up jumping around to take the perfect shot. LOL! here are the photos we got:


jump shot


arte lang!

After a lot of swimming and chatting at the pool, we decided to leave the resort and look for a place to eat since everyone is hungry. Almost all the restaurants are closed at that time but “Kubong Sawali” is still open so we decided to eat there.


before we eat selfie

Went ahead to my friend’s place since he leaves in San Fernando, La Union, spent the night there. The next morning we had breakfast and headed back to Baguio via Naguilian Rd. Since we would be passing through a chinese temple we decided to visit it as well.


What a view

Then it was time to go home, ’til the next lakwatsa! 😀

Faces of Panagbenga 2015

As a girl who grew up in Baguio I never showed interest in going to parades in the city, not even the famous Panagbenga parade. I never liked crowded places but last 2013 I decided to go and take pictures and I definitely enjoyed it.

Here’s the link for Panagbenga 2013: Street Dance Parade  Float Parade

So this year I decided to go again but only for the street dancing parade. As usual the crowd is big and if I decide to go in front i’ll just have a hard time moving and getting the shot I like. So I went looking for a good place at the back. Found a post and decided to climb and sit on top of it.

If you are a photographer and want to take pictures of the event but you don’t have a badge, I suggest getting a place away from the crowd like I did. Bring your long lenses!

Here are some of the photos:


She surely enjoyed performing


getting her groove on


drummer boy


the cute majorette


she smiles for the camera

It was a good day, good lighting from the sun and great performers!

yep! ’til the next lakwatsa! 😀