Gastronomical San Juan – Mad Monkeys

Mad Monkeys is a small burger stall located in Urbiztondo, San Juan. It is famous for its different takes on burger. The place offers good food, open space, and good music as well. img_0346img_0347

We ordered the S.O.S burger and the Smoked BBQ burger, both of the burgers are flavored differently. The S.O.S burger is on the onion flavored side, it has regular patty, onion sauce and onion rings. The Smoked BBQ burger has bacon, special BBQ sauce and a regular patty.

The food may not be the most photogenic food and it may be the messiest thing to eat but the taste is a party in you mouth. With regards to pricing, it maybe on the pricier side but again with the flavors and the chill vibes, it is definitely worth the money.


And once again, the lakwatsa continues…

For more of Gastronomical San Juan:


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