Bonding at San Juan and Tangadan Falls

Almost all my relatives from Guam came home for a vacation and since I’ve been to Tangadan Falls before they also wanted to see the famous falls in San Gabriel, La Union.

It was an early trip from Baguio City, Everybody wanted to go swimming so we headed to San Juan, La Union. My cousins and I wanted something more exciting and fun so we decided to leave the extremes of age (the kids and the elderly, LOL!) at the beach while the energetic bunch headed for the falls.

Unlike my first hike to the falls, it was the rainy season these time so the trail was more challenging. We would find ourselves submerged in water for almost half of the hike due to the weather condition a few days back. Although it was quite a long and tiring hike, everyone enjoyed each others company, helping each other cross rivers against strong currents.

After hours of walking we finally reached the famous Tangadan Falls, the water was not as clean as the first time I was here but the view was still as mesmerizing as before. My cousins, seeing it for the first time, were in awe and loved the one of a kind view.


with the girls

We took pictures together and took a quick break before deciding to go swimming. We all rented life vests because most of us doesn’t know how to swim. LOL! we swam around and decided to hire a bamboo raft to go under the falls. We enjoyed a few hours just floating around the water.


And under the falls we go

After some time we decided to go back to San Juan where the others stayed. There, we ate lunch, got on the beach and bonded with everyone else.

Here is a video from our trip:

‘Til the next lakwatsa!


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