Back in Time: Trip to Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Christmas vacation is almost over so the family decided to have our last hoorah at Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Vigan is a fourth class city located at the western coast of the Philippines. The Chinese used to call the place “Bee Gan” which mean beautiful shore, the Spaniards during that time interchanged the”b” and “v” sounds thus calling the place “Vigan”. Vigan is place full of history and is known for having a couple of old buildings around it.

At around 12 am we left Baguio through Naguilian Road. It was a smooth ride, no traffic, no trucks and whatsoever. After more than 4 hours we arrived at Candon City, we decided to stop at the town proper and rest for a while.


Candon Cathedral


buying pasalubong


the sister

of course we took some pictures and decided to continue with our trip, after an hour we arrived at the town proper of Vigan, it was almost 5 am and it was drizzling so we went to McDonald’s to have our early breakfast.


Vigan! finally


at McDonald’s

After breakfast we went to visit Vigan’s cathedral and said our prayer and of course our wishes since it is our first time visiting the church.



the cathedral

and our lakwatsa continues…

Read more on our Ilocos Sur trip:


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