Back in Time: Bantay Bell Tower

Lastly, Bantay bell tower. Bantay Bell Tower is a watch tower that was built in 1592. It was built to guard the region from pirate attacks during the Spanish colonial era, also the reason why it was called “Bantay” (to guard). It is a 3-storey tower made of red brick walls and has a couple of bells at the top floor.

It is 5 minute ride away from Calle Crisologo just across the highway. We arrived there and looked for a parking spot. Just at the entrance tourist should register their name and they would ask for some donations.


picture picture


going up!

The tower was amazing, it was well preserved. Tourists would often take pictures at its grounds and some would prefer to climb to the top. It was an easy way up to the second floor with its cemented stairs but to climb the 3rd floor you would be walking through a wooden, steep staircase. At the 3rd floor are a couple of bells and amazingly its wooden floors. It was a good view at the top, seeing parts of Ilocos region.


at the entrance


enjoying the view


one more

The descent was a little harder but not a big problem. My sister got cramps after walking down the tower’s staircases. LOL! Again, We took pictures and enjoyed the view.


before we go, one last glance



After visiting the place we headed home. ‘Til the next Lakwatsa!

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