Mt. Ulap’s Gungal Rock

On our Way to Mt. Ulap, You would go through their famous Gungal Rock. This was the highlight of my climb to Mt. Ulap, It was a couple of rock formations and it is just breath taking. We arrived there and had our lunch first to cool us down. Looking at the rock while eating, I was thinking to myself, Do I have the courage and guts to sit on its edge? It isn’t a normal edge of a rock photo you know, the rock does not have a flat area to walk on, imagine half a triangle, that is the shape of the rock. In order to go to the edge you have to hold on to the top and walk sideways on its diagonal side. If you know what I mean, LOL! thats the best way I could actually describe it.


before anything else, let’s take a selfie 😀

While my boyfriend was setting up the camera with our guide, I decided to start doing it. haahahah! pasaway lang! Don’t know what happened to me, but my fear of heights disappeared and all I could feel was the adrenaline rushing through me. hahaha! It was the most exciting thing I’ve done so far. I was laughing while my boyfriend was following me reminding me to be careful. LOL! Just before the edge my boyfriend told me to stop there and sit. So i did,


i’m so close to the edge!

but seeing the edge that close to me my daredevil side told me to move to the edge even further. hahahaha! and so I did! and as soon as I sat at the edge and let my feet hang I was so happy and proud! The view was breathtaking, Sitting at the edge of the rock and seeing all the mountain around you (Best Feeling Ever!).


just enjoying the view


yay for us!


breath taking!


Our guide took a lot of pictures, of course! hahahaha! and we continued with our hike 😀


arte lang!

’til the next lakwatsa!


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