Mt. Ulap via Ampucao-Sta. Fe Ridge

Saw this place on instagram and decided to go there with my boyfriend. I was super excited because I have always loved the mountains growing up in Baguio City.

Early morning on that day, met my boyfriend near centermall since the jeepneys bound for our destination were there and rode a jeep to Samuyao at around 7am. The jeepney ride was about 30-45 minutes away from Baguio. Before climbing we went to their barangay hall to register and get a guide, this is a must before climbing guys! P400 fee for a guide and P100 per head as registration.

Started the trail around 8:15am. The first part of the trail was one hell of a pure assault, it was about an hour of going up, up and up. One oxygen demanding climb, all you can hear in this area is the gush of strong winds. The wind was so strong that I didn’t even feel that the sun was already burning my face. LOL!


wind in my hair 😀

After the assault you would reach Ambanao Paoay, this place was like a grassland, it has pine trees in some of its areas. The trail was going up and down this time, from one mountain to another.


striking a pose


man made rock formations


enjoying the view


at the edge

After awhile you would reach the famous Gungal Rock (Pictures would be in another post), this would be the highlight of the climb for me. Arrived there at around 11 am, took pictures, ate lunch and took pictures again. LOL! Time to climb once again, until you reach its summit, after all the climbing you’ve done and all the mountains you’ve seen, the summit wouldn’t really be different from the other mountains at all except that it’s the highest, LOL.


catching our breath


the view from the top

Then comes the descent, the hardest part for me! The terrain is super steep that I would always think about where to put my feet on. I had a couple slips, good thing I didn’t fall. hahahah! Another 3 hours on the descent and you would reach the base (FINALLY!). This area has a couple of mini hanging bridges and you’ll eventually reach the highway. It took us an hour waiting for a ride back to Baguio, we rode a taxi who agreed to be paid P50 per head to bring us back to Baguio.

This was the second mountain i’ve climbed and to tell you honestly, Mt. Ulap’s terrain is more challenging than the Ambangeg trail of Pulag. The view was spectacular, it was all worth the sunburnt face and sore feet. ‘till the next lakwatsa 😀


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