Beachin’ Around La Union

La Union has always been popular because of its resorts and beaches. We decided to go with friends, it was originally the 6 of us but only 4 made it because the other 2 had classes at that time.

We left Baguio early in the morning and arrived in La Union after more than an hour of driving. We were suppose to go to this one resort but it was closed, so we transferred to another. As soon as we fixed our stuff we went swimming at the pool. The whole time we were swimming around.


with boyfriend selfie


at the beach


with awesome friends

We waited for the sun to set to take good pictures, and we ended up jumping around to take the perfect shot. LOL! here are the photos we got:


jump shot


arte lang!

After a lot of swimming and chatting at the pool, we decided to leave the resort and look for a place to eat since everyone is hungry. Almost all the restaurants are closed at that time but “Kubong Sawali” is still open so we decided to eat there.


before we eat selfie

Went ahead to my friend’s place since he leaves in San Fernando, La Union, spent the night there. The next morning we had breakfast and headed back to Baguio via Naguilian Rd. Since we would be passing through a chinese temple we decided to visit it as well.


What a view

Then it was time to go home, ’til the next lakwatsa! 😀


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