Cool Off at Halo Halo de Iloko

Halo Halo de Iloko is a cafe-restaurant located near the town proper of San Fernando, La Union. A more than an hour drive away from the city of Baguio. Their dining area features photos, old artifacts, paintings and wood works. Each table is named with the different provinces of La Union. The place is famous for their one of a kind halo halo that is said to be the best in the province but also offers the local food of La Union.


dining area

We arrived at the place around 9 am. the employees would be greeting you in ilokano, DEEP ILOKANO, lol! Found a table and ordered food and of course their famous halo halo. While waiting for our order we roamed around the area and took pictures.


with my niece


the background 🙂

Our order came, we started eating and the food is unique and delicious, definitely the taste of La Union. We had the halo halo as our desert, it was really delicious and has a lot of stuff in it. The halo halo had the perfect mix and taste.


yum yum!


before leaving

After eating and taking more pictures we headed home. LOL! That’s all we did in La Union. ’til the next lakwatsa!


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