Kart City Tarlac

We were invited to go to a baptism at Tarlac City so I searched the internet for something to do. I saw a couple of stuff but we were only able to go to kart city at that time.


the track

Right after the baptism and lunch we headed to Kart City via tricycle it was near the town proper and just in front of SM mall. As we entered the place we saw two of our friends from college. LOL! (what a small world). We decided to go in pairs so that someone will be able to take pictures of one another. haha! vain friends! The ride costs 200 pesos for every 5 minutes.


with boyfriend

I was so nervous since I don’t even know how to drive, my boyfriend was telling me to relax since someone would be teaching us before the ride. I was expecting a long orientation but then the guy said “right-go, left-stop” and the orientation was finished. My heart raced even faster. LOL! that was one long orientation, learned a lot. LOL!


the nervous smile!

So we started the track, I was going slow at first but when I got used to it I tried to go as fast as I can. Yay me! Got my heart racing but definitely enjoyed the ride.


finally enjoying the ride

After taking pictures of each other we went back to Baguio.

’til the next lakwatsa 🙂


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