Cafe in the Sky

Well, ever since “forevermore” was aired on TV, Mt. Cabuyao or Mt. Sto. Tomas has been famous to tourists because the famous Sitio La Presa is located there. It has been flooded by tourists creating traffic even if it was previously deserted at one point.

I have been seeing posts on the internet about a certain restaurant, cafe in the sky, pictures of an awesome view above the clouds. Since I just got my salary we headed for the famous place.


a cloudy day


waiting for the blue sky

We reached the place after some time because of traffic but usually it only takes a 30-45 minute ride to go up there. The restaurant has this great view of Baguio and clouds floating around on it’s terrace but when you go on a cloudy day all you will actually see is fog which is the case when we arrived! LOL! We ordered food while we wait for the sky to clear. The food, to tell you honestly was okay, not that good.


Time to eat!

Luckily after eating the sky was seen a little. LOL! So we took pictures and enjoyed the view before heading back to the town proper


Stolen Shot?


High above the skies

’til the next lakwatsa! 😀


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