Vineyard of La Union

Saw this place on T.V and on facebook so we decided to go and see it ourselves. Yes! La Union! You read it right there are vineyards in La union and it is located in Barangay Urayong, Bauang, La Union.

It was a holiday and we decided to leave early and escape the holiday vibe. We left at 6 am and after an hour we reached the town proper of Bauang, La Union. First, we had breakfast and when we were full we headed to Barangay Urayong. It is actually the last town before Caba, La Union. We didn’t choose the commercialized vineyard because we had to pay an amount to tour around, so we entered the other vineyards and the people were very welcoming to tourists like us. We headed to one of the farms without an entrance fee, the only thing that you are going to pay are the grapes that you will pick yourself.


picking some grapes


grapes all over the place


the gang

We met some of the owners and their employees, my mom was listening to their stories while we were walking around, taking pictures and getting grapes! LOL! They were offering the grapes per kilo in a very cheap price and so we ended up getting 3 kilos. Actually it was more than 3 kilos, we were eating while we were picking and the people were kind enough to give us some extra for the price of 3 kilos.


green grapes just above our heads


let’s eat grapes!

Then time to go back to Baguio. This is definitely a unique experience, ’til the next lakwatsa!



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