Morning Seven, Luna, La Union

Just finished my board exam and my sibling’s vacation just started so we had our family vacation at Luna, La Union. After seeing a couple of resorts in the internet, we decided to go to this resort because of it’s uniqueness. Entrance fee of P100 for adults and P50 for children.

It was an early morning drive, i think we left at 5am and arrived at Luna, La Union after almost 3 hours of travel. We headed to town to buy food and stuff. On our way we stopped to visit “Our Lady of Namacpacan”, prayed and went ahead to buy supplies. Since we were near Barangay Victoria, we decided to visit Luna’s Baluarte or watch tower.


Ruins of the watch tower

It was quite a good view, I was very amazed with it’s structure since it has a very thick wall.


inside the tower


with boyfriend<3

We then headed to the resort itself and started swimming as soon as we reached the place. It was an eat and swim kind of day.


Morning seven pool

Also, we walked on the rocky beach, it was a very clean, you can actually see through the water. Although tourists were not allowed to go swimming because it was high tide and the waves were strong that day.




watching the waves


my dad walking around

Again it was an awesome day with the family, ’til the next lakwatsa 😀


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