Community Duty at Buguias

Nope, it’s not a normal lakwatsa around, it’s a community duty for student nurses where we would be doing home visits. We were assigned in Buguias, Benguet and since we were travelling for 3 hours from Baguio, I decided to bring my camera as well.


Benguet Lillies and the fields

The place is very cold especially at night, and to think our instructor gave us two choices when it comes to bathing either early in the morning or late at night (and nope! no hot water!). It was always a jumping session everytime we took a bath. LOL! we were a group of 12 and divided into 4 smaller groups, since our instructor wouldn’t be able to accompany all the four groups we were just taken to our starting points and follow our hearts! hahahaha! All we did was walk all day going from one house to another checking the health status of the families living in the area.


Simple little kids


100+ year old woman


the simple life at the community

It was all fun until our group got lost. hahahaha! we called our instructor and told us to walk until we reach a house or see a road. We were very terrified since we couldn’t see any of that for a couple of hours. LOL! and when we finally reached the road we were in a far away town. Yay for our group!

Every 3 days we would go back to Baguio City to have our lectures. That’s a nursing student’s life. ’til the next lakwatsa! 😀


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