Pugo Adventure Again..

Yep! visited the place again, for those who already visited the place you guys know it is worth coming back for.

Here is the link for the first post about PUGAD!

Since I already blogged about the place let’s just have some few updates on the place.


Hiding from the sun

We went to PUGAD because some of my cousin’s are home from Guam, finally! We were there early and started doing stuff early. The mini zoo was now a big zoo. LOL! This time we took a picture with the big snake, this snake could only be carried by a group so the administration doesn’t allow individual photos.


One heavy snake!

Also, there is a new area, the area for little kids. It has a play area with slides and stuff but since we are kids at heart we went and took pictures there.


crossing the bridge


Kid’s at heart especially when we’re together

swimming was the main activity this time. Runnning from one pool to the other just like we did when we were still little kids.


The original Gang

That’s all, I’m really thankful for this guys cause it’s always a good time when i’m with them šŸ˜€ ’til the next lakwatsa šŸ™‚


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