Logos Hope

I was scanning tumblr when I saw that Logos Hope was in Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union. I got super excited and told my sister. After learning about it we told our parents and started telling stories about it. After a few minutes my mom decided that we go to the said place then.

The MV Logos Hope is the largest floating library in the world, the crew was consisted of 400 volunteers from around the world. The ship visits different ports for 2 weeks and transfers from one port to another for the entire year, offering the public a tour inside the ship and a book fair with an entrance fee of only P40.


The view from the outside

We reached the place after more than an hour drive from Baguio City. It was scorching hot at that time and there was a long line of tourists waiting for their turn. As you step into the ship, you would be greeted by the volunteers and you would hear a recording about the history of the ship. After the area you would reach the book fair , this is where you could roam around freely and look at the books that is for sale.


books everywhere

My sister was an ultimate Belieber and found a sticker book of Justin Beiber. LOL! The boys got there own toys and we also got a stuff toy for my niece. For me, I didn’t buy anything all I had were the pictures I took. haha! Then comes a walk through picture book on “The Journey of Life”


Striking a pose


with the gang


3D picture

Then lastly there’s a cafe inside the ship, we didn’t eat there since it was very crowded at that time. So we headed for the exit and took pictures outside before leaving.


Logos Hope Van


One last pose…

And that’s our day, ’til the next lakwatsa šŸ™‚


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