Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg Trail

My dad’s workmates are planning to go Mt. Pulag and since mahilig kaming magpicture picture ni papa, we decided to join them.

At around 5am, we met with the other’s in front of SLU and headed to Mt. Pulag, We rode a private vehicle to the place and it was a 3 hour ride from Baguio. The first stop was at DENR, every single person who wants to climb Pulag has to go through the orientation for 30 minutes. Around 50 people were inside the room for orientation and yet there was a first batch who just finished the orientation when we arrived. After that we had to ride for another 15-20 minutes up to the ranger station. The ranger station is the starting area for the hike, paying the registration, getting a guide and so. Sorry don’t know about the fees since my dad and his workmates paid for it. I was just there for the fun LOL! Before starting the hike, We decided to eat lunch.

At around 11am we started hiking. It was a hot day and you could actually feel the heat at the beginning of the trail. It was a 3-4 hour hike to the second camp site, it is where we stayed. Along the way you would see the mossy forest, the grasslands and their famous dwarf bamboos. The dwarf bamboos was this small because of the high altitude of the mountain.


the mossy forest from a far



Since it was my first mountain to climb, I had a hard time mostly because of my heavy bag. With all the stops we did, we reached the camp site at 3pm. Started setting up the tents, took pictures and I took a nap. Woke up after an hour and now, I could actually feel how cold the mountains can get. The gadgets we brought with us started to moisten up, guess what? I covered my camera with all the cloth I could get. hahahaah! At 6pm we had our dinner and went to sleep early. Woke up at around midnight and there was this strong rain outside and of course cold as it can be!


water spring sign near the camp site


view from the camp site

Woke up and had breakfast at 4am, since the climb to the summit had to start early to arrive in time for the sunrise. It was another hour to summit. It was very dark (pitch black!) with fog around and I had a hard time looking at the trail even with our flashlights on. So I then decided to just walk and trust whoever is in front of me. haha! Then finally reached the assault to the summit. You could really feel how thin the air was getting at this part. We reached the summit early and we sat there taking pictures and waiting for the sunrise. It was the best view I’ve seen my whole life. Seeing the clouds literally below the mountains you are at is just breathtaking, now I understand why people like climbing mountains for hours. You would see the sea of clouds as the sun rises.


Truly a photographer’s paradise


The sea of clouds


with the gang at the summit


hikers from a far

After a few hours at the summit we decided to walk back to the camp site, pack up and go back down the trail.


going down

This was so far the best experience I had and good thing I did it with my dad (Certified Daddy’s girl here). Had a great time doing this, Till the next lakwatsa! 😀


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