Panagbenga 2013: Street Dance Parade

Just a little introduction, Panagbenga, also known as Baguio’s flower festival, is a yearly month long event on the month of February. The term “Panagbenga” means season of blooming. The festival includes fireworks display, street dance parade, and float competition. Also “Session Road in Bloom” happens after the parade, Session road (the street in the heart of Baguio) closes down and stalls are put up on the road. The stalls often sell flowers, local products and a lot of food! In some parts of session road, musicians and entertainers perform at night.

This year I decided to watch with the crowd and capture photos. For the first time in my existence I went to go see a parade! LOL! To think that i’m a Baguio girl this is the first time I am going to watch Panagbenga. Well, of course I know what happens I watch on TV. hehe!

Found a good spot away from the crowd, sat on top of a post. LOL! Perfect spot for taking photos.


from PMA


Drummer boy


Street dancer


One of the competing groups

The crowd, just like i’ve seen on TV, is huge! The sidewalks are full so if your going somewhere and have to pass the area, you actually can’t. You’ll be forced to stop and watch, that’s how crowded the sidewalks are.


the crowd after the parade! 

It was fun, think I got good pictures, ’til the next lakwatsa 😀




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