Ambuklao Dam

It was a normal day, we were somewhere near Legarda Road, Baguio City buying some stuff and we came up with an idea to go to Ambuklao dam. Thanks to our awesome randomness!


on our way

Ambuklao dam is a hydroelectric plant located at Ambuklao, Bokod, Benguet. A 36 km ride from Baguio City, approximately an hour ride away. This dam powers the entire Luzon grid.


a peek of Binga dam on our way


the view

We arrived there and saw one big body of water surrounded by mountains. There were a couple of boats with tourists floating around and some were even fishing at the sides. It was a hot day but with the view there is no sun too hot. LOL!


tourists on a boat




old boat floating around

It was a short visit, no adventures and whatever since we were in our house outfits and had no money. Lol!

It was time to go home, due to the hot weather our car overheated on our way! LOL so be sure to bring some water when you visit the place.

’till the next lakwatsa!


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