Pugo Adventure

It was the birthday of my nephew so the family decided to head to Pugo Adventure (PUGAD) to celebrate. PUGAD is located in Sito Pagaling, Barangay Palina, Pugo, La union. An outdoor adventure and resort with a mini zoo type of place. It is 45 minute drive away from Baguio City through Marcos, Highway. It is definitely a place for family celebrations. Entrance fee is 150 for adults and 100 for kids **prices are subject to change** and the place is open from 8am to 7pm.

So we left Baguio at around 7am and reached the place at 7:45 am. Unloaded our food and bags and waited in line. When we arrived there were already a couple of groups lined up at the entrance.


waiting at the entrance

As you enter the place you will immediately see a restaurant, don’t know about the food and prices though, also you will see pools and cross hanging bridges to your villa or hut.


2-storey hut we rented

Before we decided to swim, we decided to roam around the area first and explore.


rock mountain near the river




mini playground for the kids

then eventually we reached the mini zoo, the zoo had a couple of animals including a snake named cheesecake, parrots, birds, chickens, spiders, fishes, peacocks, a small alligator and more. You can take picture with some of the animals and I decided to go with the snake. LOL


with cheesecake

After sometime we headed to the zip lines, there are actually three but we opted to try just one. I chose to do the highest and the longest zipline in a superman position. LOL! It was very terrifying when i reached the starting point of the zipline, with all the straps on my body and my head was facing the ground. It was quite a view from the top, then the person in charge told me that he would let go of me in 3 counts, and just like that I went flying across the fields. I was in a heart racing scare but at the same time amusement.


Posing, coz it’s finally over

and of course, swimming.


with the boys



just chillin’

and then were off back to Baguio City after one fun day


Before going home with the gang


and that’s how the day went, until the next lakwatsa 😀




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